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Madame Greenfield's School for Girls

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Why You'll be Amazed at Greenfield Village

History buffs and folks interested in STEM will love visiting Greenfield Village in Dearborn, Michigan where the industrial revolution comes to life!

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Greenfield Village - brings back great memories of school days spent exploring history in a fun way

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A Patterson-Greenfield bus printed with the words 'Greenfield School District'.

She had the urged to take out the braids the misses worked so hard on, take off the detailed coat that shinned so much in the sunlight, and take off the smile she wore to make others happy. (Lizaonce)

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Annie, Hannah, and Alli, all 13, get ready for the first big party of the seventh grade Edina, Minnesota

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Ford Model T tow truck Greenfield Village Dearborn ,Mi.

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The Henry Ford museum Dearborn Michigan

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Alan Kulwicki, 1992 NASCAR champ. Born: December 14, 1954, Greenfield, Wisconsin. Died: April 1, 1993 in airplane crash near Blountville, Tennessee.

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Tis true! Except my high school was named after his son..... and the Ford Estate is right next to U of M -D, my current school.

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C.R Patterson, Born Slave, Built Automobiles Before Henry Ford | Rasta Livewire

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Old-Fashioned Farm Life Coloring Book: Nineteenth Century Activities on the Firestone Farm at Greenfield Village Dover Publications

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