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Just like it's important to keep it warm enough inside for optimal growing it's also important not to let it get too warm on the sunny days. The ventilation fan is a big help for moderating the temp.

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The solar roof fan is perfect for venting the hot air out of your greenhouse. Works in direct sunlight and has a thermostat to control when the fan will come on.

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Greenhouse Ventilation Info – Controlling Greenhouse Temps

Ventilating Greenhouses. The advantage to growing plants in a greenhouse is that you can control all the environmental factors: temperature, air flow, and even moisture content in the air. In the summer, and even in other months in warmer climates, keeping the air inside a greenhouse cool is the main goal. There are 2 ways of ventilating greenhouses. The best way for your setup depends on the size of the building & your desire to save either time or money. #greenhouse

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lean-to greenhouse (the sides could be draped with 6 mil poly that would be economical, and could be rolled up or removed in warm weather for ventilation)

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