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The solar roof fan is perfect for venting the hot air out of your greenhouse. Works in direct sunlight and has a thermostat to control when the fan will come on.

from Gardening Know How

Greenhouse Ventilation Info – Controlling Greenhouse Temps

Ventilating Greenhouses. The advantage to growing plants in a greenhouse is that you can control all the environmental factors: temperature, air flow, and even moisture content in the air. In the summer, and even in other months in warmer climates, keeping the air inside a greenhouse cool is the main goal. There are 2 ways of ventilating greenhouses. The best way for your setup depends on the size of the building & your desire to save either time or money. #greenhouse


This greenhouse was designed by Abby Rockefeller and Carl Lindström and won a competition for the greenhouse that could produce the most eatable salad greens per sq. meter