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art, illustration, figure, man, side, knight, holding, monster, eel, water, cut away, fairy tale. // Henry Justice Ford's illustration of Beowulf from the book "The Red Book of Animal Stories" 1899


Beowulf was a hero. He helped the Danish king Hrothgar by killing the monster Grendel, and later the monster's mother. He reigned over the Geats for 50 years, until his kingdom was threatened by an angry dragon. When all his companions fled, one stayed: the young chieftain Wiglaf, who helped Beowulf kill the dragon. However, Beowulf became weakened by the dragon's poisonous breath, and, seeing that he was going to die, he left the dragon's hoard, along with his neck ring and armor, to…


Concept art of Grendel's Mother, affectionately called "mom" by the film's designers (digitally portrayed by Angelina Jolie) in the 2007 version. Lovely above, rotting sesspool of hate below.