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Groom Wedding Speech Etiquette

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Maid of Honor Wedding Toasts and Speeches

Wedding toast tips... May be good for the emotional bride/grooms speeches of gratitude as well!! 《《If I'm ever picked to make one 》》


Want to personalize your day without spending a penny? Focus on the toasts. Although etiquette suggests an order (best man, maid of honor, groom, bride, bride's parents, groom's parents), Martha Stewart Weddings Editorial Director Darcy Miller says just do what feels right to you! Here are her dos and donts after you've decided on order.


30 Unique Wedding Ideas

Interesting idea: 15. Invest in a watercolor artist. There are wedding watercolor artists who will draw in pastels, or paint in watercolors, the reception as it unfolds. This can be a great gift for the bride and groom, but it's also some quiet entertainment for guests and especially good for weddings set in great scenery -- creating a collage of events like guests dancing outdoors on the sand and the best man's toast by the water at a beachside bash.

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The Art of Giving a Good Wedding Toast

"Our bride and groom love and value nature. So, they have asked that on this birthday of their marriage, we plant a tree. Like the tree, we hope that their marriage will grow into something magnificent to behold. Their mothers have each brought earth from the bride and groom's childhood homes--- representing their homes, families and experiences that formed the foundation of their beings. All living things need support to flourish, and a marriage is certainly a living thing. Therefore, we…