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Groomsmen Wedding Tails Cravats

How to Wear a Cravat

How to Tie a Scrunch Wedding Tie thumbnail The rouche tie, informally known as the scrunch tie, is a variety of cravat that has gained popularity as a stylish and fun necktie for weddings. Grooms and groomsmen often choose scrunch ties in favor of more traditional cravats because of their youthful and flirty look. Like traditional cravats, scrunch ties consist of a thin strip of fabric that fits around the neck and two long, wide ends that form the decorative ruffling and tails.

For the Grooms wear, Sarah and Craig were impressed by the quality and price that Mr Savile of Brentwood had to offer. Sarah spotted the groomswear company at a wedding fayre and decided that this was the best place to hire the outfits for the day.Craig wore a dark grey morning suit with a silver waistcoat whilst the rest of the groom’s party wore ivory waistcoats. All men wore Cadbury purple cravat and handkerchiefs; sticking to the wedding’s colour theme of lilac, silver and ivory.

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Any chance I can get you to go with this? Yay - he did go for it - but with the green vest and black trousers.

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Tie one on with the Modified Trinity Knot with the tail down for your necktie. How to videos on over 100 Neckite Knots

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