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KM - the Russian "Caspian Sea Monster" Ekranoplan."KM" the biggest ground-effect vehicle ever designed(100meters long,weight:544 tons,powered by 10 Dobryin VD-7 turbojet engines).Still holds record for lifting heaviest load off ground (which is even more than what the largest modern cargo plane Antonov An 225 "Mriya" can handle). For a long time, it was surrounded by an air of mystery, being developed & tested in secrecy on the Caspian Sea in 1966,only later discovered by a US spy satellite.

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Russia's Caspian Sea Monster-Lun Ekranoplan Aircraft

Can you imagine driving a ultra-lightweight, solar-powered plastic car? If designer Harsha Ravi has his way, the lean, green Globetrotter car will be the future of transportation. Winning him the coveted Young Designer of the Year Award, Ravi's car design


The stunning art of freezing time: 20 excellent examples of high speed photography

Adult Ballet Class is a great place to learn ballet without the pressure of becoming a professional dancer. Most adult ballet classes are for  adults 18 and older who have little or no previous training. However, some schools and studios offer various...


Sharp looking custom Nissan 350z with amazing lambo doors, ground effects, and those rims are super nice!


The Skimmer is a small jet-ski like ground-effect airplane that starts in the water and can be flown over sea, rivers and lakes, steered partially by handlebars and partially by moving one’s body weight, similar to the way a motorcycle is ridden. With a maximum speed of 100 km/h and maximum flying height is 1.5 metres, the Skimmer offers maximum excitement and minimal fuss, because no flight papers are necessary. Dutch product designer Roel Verhagen originally conceived the Skimmer concept.