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A Clowder of Cats - A group of kittens is called a litter but a group of adult cats its called a clowder or sometimes even a glaring. Why anyone would choose to call a group of cats a glaring is completely beyond us! When we see a group of cats, the last thing we do is glare! They're purrfect! Source: The Oxford Dictionary

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COQUI aka FRISCO - A1095739 - - Manhattan Please Share:TO BE DESTROYED 12/4/2016 *NEW HOPE RESCUE ONLY* A volunteer writes: Frisco seems like a shy guy in his kennel. I show him the leash. He looks at me like asking: ” Are you talking to me ? Do you want me, really me?” Yes, I see nobody else sharing your den…. “OK, then. I am coming with you…”. FrIsco is leashed in no time. Wow…Frisco..You are in need of TLC, big time… You


BRIGGS - A1097305 - - Manhattan Please Share:TO BE DESTROYED 11/30/16 volunteer writes: On the day they were handing out first class manners and the stunning looks to match, our Mr. Briggs must have stood in line twice–what a guy! With a host of commands under his belt (come, sit, stay) he’s got everyone at the Care Center singing his well-deserved praises to the skies. His coat shines with good health and those bright eyes don’t miss a thing when we&#8


FIJI - A1096932 - - Staten Island Please Share:*** TO BE DESTROYED 12/02/16 *** SECOND CHANCE!! A volunteer writes: Fiji is such a sweetie pie! She is very calm and reserved, a real lady. She enjoys being spoken to, and she also likes being petted. The way she looks at you will melt your heart. Fiji’s wish this holiday season is to be fortunate enough to be welcomed into the home of cat parents who know a thing or two about cats, and who would absolutely know how to