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The Spectrum Optimized LED Grow Light - This is the LED grow bulb that delivers 50% more spectrally optimized light per watt than other grow lights. Optimizing photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) to maximize plant growth, the passively cooled bulb delivers 12% blue light (400-500nm) to support strong stems and compact growth without the radiated heat generated by lesser bulbs.


Green Thumb Grow Lights

To quickly and efficiently grow plants from seeds I built a simple and low cost LED grow light kit . I used a plastic storage bin to support the LED s...

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Feb 18 Grow Light Basics, Part 1: Bulbs and Coverage


Want to grow inside this winter? Getting a head start can get your plants in the ground healthier and faster. Follow along as we go through CFL, LED and HPS as well as Watts, Kelvin and Lummens!! Make your light selection based on what you need and want!


Living Lamp

What is the green light? Actually the Green Light is a plant grows around an energy saving lamp in a recycled pet-bottle. You can grow it or cut it to dim or brighten the light. This ecological idea created by Twan Verdonck for DreamingreeN. “The different plants are going to be available in addition to the current hedera (plant-speak for ivy), including grape and tomato vines."