Do you teach your students about growth mindset? Are you aware of the benefits of using positive affirmations? Combine these two powerful approaches and transform student achievement! Easy to use for teachers and super beneficial for students, these 22 affirmation posters and corresponding cards will challenge your students thinking about their abilities and their potential.

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Thought this would be great to post within the classroom as growth mindset rules to demonstrate to students that it is more important to grow for the future and understand concepts oppose to solely working to get a grade on a test and forgetting the information afterwards. This may be difficult for students to understand in younger grades but it is important for an educator to create a positive, growth mindset classroom where students are encouraged to take chances and strive for success.

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Growth Mindset Classroom Guidance Lesson... by Counselor Keri | Teachers Pay Teachers (scheduled via

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Growth Mindset Coloring Pages. How to get your students positive about learning using Growth Mindset Pennants! Coloring is very theraputic for students and has been proven to reduce stress and help maintain focus. Read more about how to introduce Growth Mindset colouring with these classroom decor pennants!

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Included are 19 different posters encouraging a "growth mindset' for your classroom. Please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions whatsoever.....Enjoy!Stephanie

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