Black guinea pig

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Tame Your Guinea Pig

How to Introduce Two Guinea Pigs to Each Other. Guinea pigs are social animals. In their natural habitat in the wild, guinea pigs exist in herds. Most domestic guinea pigs prefer to be around other animals, and adopting another guinea pig.

Look at that face! <3

Guinea pigs communicate with each other through low pitch to high pitch noises, sounds and squeals. The type of squeal has a corresponding meaning and this article outlines the meanings. There are audio links also to listen to each type of guinea pig nois

guinea pig olympics =D  love guinea pigs, love this =))) <3

guinea pig olympics =D love guinea pigs, love this =)))

Nap time is snuggle time for this kitty and guinea pig - Other pictures of animals cuddling inside of pin

Kitty and Guinea piggie pals-I wish my kitties would not see the guinea pig as food. I love guinea pigs so much. They make great pets, that I did have before the kitties.