The lights on the cage is so cute! It's such a cute setup, I wish I could do the loft, but that costs a whole lot more money :(

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How Much Do Guinea Pigs Cost | A really detailed article covering the costs needed to get or maintain a guinea pig. Includes three calculators, as well as a section on how to get free or discounted supplies.

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How much Timothy Hay do you need for your guinea pigs? Read this to find out!

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Guinea pig fleece bedding- replace costly shavings with washable fleece, lined with absorbent terry cloth (towel). Also made wee wee pad for "that corner" , with several replacements, and cuddle bed, pillow and blanket. Lots of cute patterns of fleece out there to mix and match.

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Have you tried our fabulous fleece cage liners yet? These are the perfect cost-effective alternative to wood shavings. These warm and cozy fleece blankets are great for rabbits, hedgehogs, guinea pigs, and all your furry friends...

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Superhero costumes for small rodents: Yes, please, except everything I try to put my piggies in doesn't fit! My piggies are obese! ITS CAPTAIN AMERICA

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guinea pig (or hedgehog!) cage DIY cost less than $40 super cute and much bigger than pet store style. Called c cage

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