Mmm...hipster/skater boy with great shades.. @Becky Hui Chan Pedersen.. definition of sexyy?

BERRY hot men: In sunglasses (26 photos)

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Fuck Yeah, Guys In Beanies ❤ liked on Polyvore

I dig the big glasses with the floppy hat. who knew teenage boys dressed like this? But the shorts, Oh My! HATE the shorts T_T

What I wear everyday...

This is our picture guide on cool mens hairstyles with a beanie. All styles from a quiff to a side part with a beanie will be covered with the goal of showing you how to match and style your hairstyle

Male hat: Pinned back Neutral color (not distracting) Shrug over brighter t-shirt

Adam Gallagher - Heritage 1981 Beanie, Metropark (Rip:[) Purple Cardi, Galaxy Tee, Zara Satchel - The gypsy

he looks like he would make me laugh, plus he's not too hard on the eyes

“M’kay done with hat boy revisions for the day. No more hat boy—you tired me out. Moving on to wine boy.

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