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Ranitidine : H2 antagonists for Acid Related Disorders | | Pharmapedia

The more recently developed H2-receptor antagonists are less likely to alter CYP metabolism. Ranitidine is not as potent a CYP inhibitor as cimetidine, although it still shares several of the latter's interactions (such as with warfarin, theophylline, phenytoin, metoprolol, and midazolam).[7] Famotidine has negligible effect on the CYP system, and appears to have no significant interactions.[6]


Wat is Nizatidine? Nizatidine is een zogenaamde H2-antagonist. De werkzame stof nizatadine heeft invloed op H2-receptoren: cellen in de maagwand die zorgen voor de productie van maagzuur.

Antihistamines For Stomach Acid Can Increase C. Diff Infection Risk - The use of these H2 blockers, H2 antagonist, or antihistamines for stomach acid are a greater risk of infection from Clostridium difficile. See more at:


Treating severe, acute hereditary angioedema abdominal attacks: Injection of a Bradykinin antagonist, water to equalize the fluid shifts to the site of swelling, Rx for nausea, acid flooding (H2 antagonist), pain. Saline solution for the nasal mucosal swelling and drying. Eye moisturizing drops for the sudden dryness from rapid dehydration/hypovolemia. Not shown: 2 large plastic garbage bags in close proximity, one to barf in, and the other for you bottom, while laying down because you…


Sir James Black, OM

Sir James Black, OM, the pharmacologist who died on March 22 aged 85, developed not one but two of the world's best-selling classes of prescription drugs – beta-blockers, effective against heart disease, and H2 antagonists, used for treating gastric ulcers.