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Most species of flying foxes are Endangered - many Critically Endangered. They are threatened by hunting and habitat destruction.

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Petition · African Wildlife Foundation: Create stricter laws against poaching and habitat destruction in Africa ·

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So, my sexy French husband whispered, "What would you like for your anniversary, darling, anything in the world," and I whispered back, "A new vautour," confusing the word voiture (car) for vautour (vulture). Crap... ~~ Houston Foodlovers Book Club

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Marie von Nitzsch & Hans Maxx Conrads

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Even though River Otters are not listed as Endangered species, their range has been greatly reduced over the years by habitat destruction and they are vulnerable to pollution and toxins in the environment.

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Darwin's Fox - listed as critically endangered - photo by Juan Mauricio Contreras--what a pretty thing #provestra

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