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The world's most beautiful miniature books

The smallest Renaissance manuscript in existence, less than an inch square, is a book of Latin prayers, and includes 17 paintings of saints, evangelists and apostles, including a delicately executed Virgin Mary.

Anglo-Gallic, Henry VI (1422-53), Salut d'or, 3.45g, Rouen, m.m. leopard, shield of France, left, and England, right, Virgin Mary behind, left, angel Gabriel, right, between them a banner surmounted by sun rays, on which ave written downwards, double pellet stops, pellet in annulet on inner circle under last letter of legend, king's name spelt hehricvs, rev. Latin cross within tressure, h below, dividing lis and leopard, mullet stops, pellet in annulet on inner circle under last letter of…

he bestiary tradition of the vulture may come as a surprise: in ancient Greek and Roman legend, the female vulture was supposed to conceive ...

The 'Hail Mary' in Latin.... Lolly Bhatt, "Hail Mary" full of Grace The Lord is with you. Blessed are you amongst women and blessed is the fruit of your womb, Jesus. Holy Mary , Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death . AMEN


BILINGUAL* Hail Mary Prayer Card (English/Spanish)

The inscription on this pewter brooch was a powerful charm. It says '+A+G+L+A+AVEMARIAGRA'. 'AGLA' was a magical formula used to ward off fever. It came from the initials of the Hebrew words 'ate gebir leilam adonai' ('Thou art mighty for ever, Lord'). The other part of the inscription is in Latin and stands for 'Ave Maria gracia plena', meaning 'Hail Mary full of grace'. late 13-early 14 century | Museum of London