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The Cuban government announced today it is sending a medical team to Haiti for the relief of the victims after the devastating hurricane "Matthew".

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Haiti's Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe resigns after protests

Haiti's Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe resigns, in the wake of violent anti-government protests over delayed elections.

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Provisional government to rule Haiti after Martelly departs

Haiti President Michel Martelly says a last-minute agreement on how a caretaker government will be installed in Haiti after he leaves office Sunday is intended to help the country get out of its ongoing political impasse.


Head of the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti Sandra Honoré. After Haiti’s Parliament Declared ‘Dysfunctional,’ The Nation’s New Government Accepted By International Community


Transitional government to be installed in Haiti -

Why Haiti is poor? Is it really? That fat Dominican whore I believe brought Glen Ford from the Black Agenda Report to back her statement as to show Haiti is incapable of governing herself but got a dose of reality about the true nature of Haiti hardship. She kept cutting him off so fucken rude!!

As Haiti holds elections and transitions leaders, UN leader Secretary General Ban Ki-moon expresses concern for the nation during this election. United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, noting the release of the report on the verification of the electoral process in Haiti, has underlined that Haiti can “ill afford” a prolonged period of transitional governance. “He …