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Basin Bleu is a natural waterfall located in Jacmel, Haiti. It is such a treasure that there is a maximum amount of tourists per day.

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These children in Haiti are going to school. Most Haitian children have to walk long distances to get to school.

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The Fort of Picolet located north of Haiti build in 1739 it is also surrounded by other Forts. Such as the Forts of Maguy, Fort Belly, Fort- aux- Dames and the Fort of Saint-Joseph.

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Mission of Hope Haiti

Interested in traveling to a tropical location AND making a difference? Consider going on a mission trip with Mission of Hope Haiti! | Adventures and Kindness

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The Crown of Haiti : Crown of Faustin | Official and Historic Crowns of the World | source:

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Labadee, Haiti | Embark on the Dragon's Tail Coaster, a Royal Caribbean attraction located on Santa Maria’s lookout mountain that propels riders down the track at a bustling 30 miles per hour.

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