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Haiti Religion

Haiti - Religion : «Voodoo an undeniable part of the culture of the Haitian people,» dixit Cardinal Chibly Langlois -, Haiti ...

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Voodoo priest at Ra Ra dance The Voodoo years comes to a climax at Lent and Easter

Haiti, Religion, Voodoo priest at Ra Ra dance. The Voodoo years comes to a climax at Lent and Easter.

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Everything You Need to Know About Magical Poppets

A Brief History In American Hoodoo and folk magic, the use of poppets as a magical tool became popular following the Civil War. There is some dispute as to whether the dolls are used at all in Haiti, which is the home of Vodoun religion, and a few sources disagree on whether the use of poppets is truly a Vodoun practice or not. of Poppet Magic

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The population of Haiti is 10,306,839.  The traditional clothing for woman is the Haitian quadrille dress.Haitis primary religion is Roman Catholicism and Voodoo.  One Haitian costom i One Haitian...


Spiritual prep for your international mission trip

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54 Outstanding Lenten Arts and Crafts Ideas

Hands of Prayer Guide the children about who and what to pray for by giving them a copy of this coloring page by Look to Him and be Radiant. This is teaching without preaching. Things they can pray about, people to pray for. Kids love to learn about God, and this is a perfect way to encourage them to pray.


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