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Haitian Pumpkin Soup

Excited for a recipe! Haitian households celebrate their country's Independence Day with bowls of this comforting soup. Although this is a vegetarian version, add small cubes of browned beef stew meat along with the pumpkin, if you like. Simply remove and then return them to the pot just as you do the hot peppers. This recipe was inspired by Norzina, a lumber and charcoal...

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okay-lin: Did you know that January 1st is Haitian Independence Day? So, Happy New Year AND Happy Haitian Independence Day! L'Union fait la force! (Unity makes STRENGTH) This is outstanding information, Haiti’s history should be taught in Black History classes. There is no way this information should not be known by all African and African descendants.

Haitian Revolution, 1791--Where Rousseau family plantations were destroyed and 6th G-Grandparents were killed by their slaves. 5th G-Grandfather escaped island before the revolution, tipped off by a family slave.

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La Dessalinienne: Haitian Independence Day 2016 Video

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The celebrity Dutty Boukman is that on the night of August 14, 1791, at Bois-Caiman, held down the home of Mézy Lenormand, he organized a voodoo ceremony for a large number of slaves. This initiative is considered by many historians as the first congress of slaves, in which resolutions were adopted in strategic mobilization against the slave system and the fight for freedom. In a painting symbolizing the ceremony of Bois Caiman, we see Boukman open voodoo ritual.

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Haitian Independence Day is on January 1st, the same day as New Years. Celebrations of hope for the new year are parallels between both the Haitian holiday and the celebration held in america on that day, but the celebration is not regarded as one of the country's history in America. Additionally, the sharing of patriotic ideas through performances and festivals occur on both American Independence Day and the Haitian Independence Day. However, there is not a symbolic meal made on the 4th of…

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Happy Haitian Independence Day ! The FIRST Black Country to gain it's independence. A rich country in 1804 and STILL a rich country today no matter what the media tells you. Ayi Bobo ! #haitianindependenceday #1804 #haitianpride #africanpride #blackpride #africanhistory #haitianhistory #zoepound #culture #firstblackrepublic

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