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Half Elf Names

Character artwork done for 'Lords of Gossamer and Shadow', a diceless role-playing game, from Rite Publishing...…

from Howard Lyon Fine Art and Illustration

Heroes of the Fallen Lands - part 1

Andraste is a warrior goddess, the goddess of victory, of ravens and of battles, similar in many ways to the Irish war goddess Morrigan. Her name is thought to mean "the invincible one" or "she who has not fallen". It is told that her presence was evoked on the eve of battle to curry favour. As a Goddess of divination, she was probably called upon to divine the outcome of battles and war.


omg this is killing me. this reminds me of someone from one of my books....but who? OMG!!! I KNOW! ITS MONA FROM THE IRON BUTTERFLY!! that's her name. Duh! @Jo Jo Skye