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Halloumi Nutrition

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All the carbs Lunch today was halloumi falafel spicy rice pitta bread and veg. Once upon a time I was terrified of carbs. I read that they cause an insulin spike and make you gain fat. And all the nutrition experts I followed were preaching of the benefits of a ketogenic low carb paleo diet. But low carb does not work for me. At all. It messed with my hormones my athletic performance went down and I was tired all the time. Cutting out an entire food group is never healthy. We need carbs…


A great guide to start the Paleo diet plan with - everything you need to know about the Paleo diet, losing weight naturally and healthy eating

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Strategic Diets: 5 Recipes That Promote Skin Health

Welcome to Strategic Diets, a deep dive into specific nutritional needs for your desired outcome—from fitness goals to personal aspirations.  The best thing you can do for your skin health is the same thing you can do for your health in general: eat a balanced, whole foods-based diet with minimal processed foods and sugar. But if you’re looking to …


5 Easy Tips to Help You Plan Healthy Meals / Nutrition

Looking to jazz up your grilling game or need a new dish to spice up Meatless Mondays? We’ve got just the thing — halloumi cheese. It might sound messy, but this delicious mild cheese can ser…

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Low carb diets work, so why aren’t they advised

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