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Steampunk Makeup Guide: Authentic historically accurate victorian era makeup, glue gears on it, masks, clockpunk, special fx makeup, and more. Options for men and women! Great for Halloween or Steampunk cosplay. - For costume tutorials, clothing guide, fashion inspiration photo gallery, calendar of Steampunk events, & more, visit

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16 Easy But Awesome Homemade Halloween Decorations (With Photo Tutorials)

great idea for haunted house. the real trick is to have a false wall that someone stands behind, reaching an arm through. Grab at (dont touch!( guests as they pass through.

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The simplest thing for Halloween

Jag är inget fan av Halloween (men man ska aldrig säga aldrig nu när man har barn – om ett par år kanske jag karvar pumpor för fullt?), men alla ursäkter är ju bra för att dra ihop ett gäng och bjuda...

Simple Yet Awesome DIY Halloween Craft Ideas - cute for at home projects for the little ones. This looks like so much fun!!!! I can't wait till the little man is old enough to make some crafts with me!

Soul Eating Woodland Fairy Queen Looking like I just got done feasting on ur baes soul TAG A FRIEND THAT NEEDS SOME HALLOWEEN INSPO! __________________________________________________________ Inspired by Leanhaum-Shee / Leanhaum-Shee (as told in ancient folklore) was an evil fairy who would prey on men and essentially suck out their life force or soul, leaving an empty shell. She did this in order for her to stay young and powerful. Pretty badass, if you ask me! ____________________...

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How to make Lolly Pop Spiders

These lolly pop spiders are SO SIMPLE and look adorably creepy! They'd make great party favours or a fantastic treat to send to school on Halloween!