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The most infamous of Hamlet's speech is this particular soliloquy.This was a decision we had both contemplated for much time though during separate occasions. This soliloquy exaggerates Hamlet's confusion and indecisiveness in the story as he goes over every choice he has.


"To thine own self be true." | "Hamlet" | 21 Shakespeare quotes shared in LDS general conference #shakespeare #lds #quotes


Con.: Refers to when they first met >>> This a good quote when referring to Hamlet and Ophelia's relationship. He loved her but could not have her. Also, Polonius believed that Hamlet's love for Ophelia was the cause of his insanity and madness.


from 'Hamlet', Act 1, Scene 3. This is part of Polonius giving advice to Laertes as he is preparing his departure for France. This is such sound advice. We should always give a kind ear to others, but offer sparingly our opinions. It will save you grief in the long-term.