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Industrial (Customizable) Iron Pipe Hook "Exeter"

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You can never ever have enough places to hang things when camping. I am always hanging several wet jackets!

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Indoor Hammock Hanging Kit

Like to lounge in your hammock even when the weather isn't cooperating? The easy-to-use kit lets you create a relaxation station using any secure structure, from wall studs to sturdy posts. Available at REI, Satisfaction Guaranteed.

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I don't have trees for a hammock and didn't want a metal frame so just an easy DIY project. 2, 4x4 posts. 8 ft tall each. 3' into the ground with cement. Then just 2 screw hooks and that's it! A hammock with spreader bars should be hung between 4-5 feet off the ground so mine is around 4 1/2. Tip: Rent or borrow an auger if you can, especially if you live somewhere with harder soil. The depth of the posts is key!

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speech 4 : Hammock Tree Straps Kit - 10 ft Durable Polyester Webbing Straps With Ring Hooks - Includes 2 Metal Carabiners in Pull-Tie Stuf...

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Look close at the detail in the different lenghths and arched header.Want to make this pergola but to hang our 2 hammock chairs. Love the hooks for hanging plants. Would be great with trellis panels on the back for privacy against the neighbors' yard

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