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I need this!!! To those who think so, it's not spoiled, it's natural but predator-free. Perfect mouse/gerbil/hamster home. The moss looks wonderful. Big nice hamster home.

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Homemade hamster cages using Habitat Modules and Additions, would be difficult to keep clean though.

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This is the most amazing hamster cage I have ever seen! I love the multiple levels and extra storage space. Cute natural elements as well!

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Toffy The Hamster & His Kingdom

Rotastak Dreamland Housing + Rotastak Genus 200 connected with set Rotastak Curvy Tubes

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21 Stylish Dog Crates

Great idea for a guinea pig cage to make it match a room better. Especially if the dresser can be found at a garage sale and repurposed!

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The coolest hamster cages

Puchi plastic large hamster cage. There are other cool cages inside of this pin, but remember that hamsters can chew through plastic.

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5 Things Your Hamster Wants You To Know About What It's Like To Be A Hamster

Keep your hamster safe, healthy and happy with these health and wellness tips every hamster owner should know.

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How to Train Your Hamster to Use a Litter Box

Believe it or not it is possible to train you hamster to potty in one spot. Because hamsters are clean animals, they generally go to the bathroom in one spot anyway, so all you have to do is find that corner and train him to use the litter box...

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16 Hamsters Livin' The Freaking Dream

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Mini ice sticks do swing furnishings, can be placed on the table as the decorations for people to enjoy, but also into the cage as a hamster mouse pet homemade toys, it is fun yo article-view-320.html

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