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Enerskin Compression Knee Sleeves help to reduce knee pain, swelling and inflammation. They're great for providing stability and relief to people with patellar femoral pain syndrome, IT Band Syndrome, calf cramps, shin splints, muscle oscillation, knee cap tracking, torn ACL, MCL meniscus tears as well as hamstring control and more!

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Preventing Hamstring Tears

Rehab a hamstring strain the right way to heal faster, stronger AND prevent re-injury. Almost halves recovery time and reduces re-injury by over 90%.

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Arthritis Knee Exercise: Reduce Pain and Improve Function. This site has videos with written directions for 7 different exercises!

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Hamstring Injury Recovery - 10 Treatment Mistakes To Avoid

Recovering from hamstring injury? Read these common 10 mistakes to speed up your recovery.

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HAMSTRING TEAR 1. Hamstring tear caused by a sking injury in early July. This picture taken 3 days after the injury. 2. Day 9- began applying Doterra Helchrysum oil 3x a day. 3. Day 16 - Clear after 7 days of Doterra oil application. The Medical Doctor originally accessing the injury stated that Jeff should be off the leg as much as possible for 6 weeks and that surgery may be necessary. J.Preston Charlotte, NC

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Strengthening the hamstrings is important following a strain or tear to one of the muscles. This will help to prevent future injuries. These exercises can be used, provided they do not cause pain in the muscle.

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