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Star Wars Han Solo in Carbonite Wall Decal

Everyone needs a frozen smuggler on their wall as decoration, and the Star Wars Han Solo in Carbonite Wall Decal lets us decorate according to the rules of

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Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite Refrigerator

Han Solo Fridge. Not sayin I would want this in my house but it would be a great backup fridge in the garage.

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25 Galactic Gifts Worthy of Every Star Wars Fan

Everyone knows the famous line from the Star Wars saga: “May the Force be with you,” but did you know that a variation of this phrase has inspired an entire day of appreciation for all things Star Wars? “May the Fourth be with you” has become the token catchphrase of fans, who, on May 4th, break out their lightsabers and practice their Jedi Mind Tricks in honor of their favorite movie series....

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((Open w/ Han)) I was captured by Jabba's guards, trying to take him down. He ordered for me to be frozen in carbonite. Lucky, Chewie got away to warn the others. I was pushed onto the platform before they unhandcuffed me.

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Star Wars Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite iPhone 6 case iPhone 6+

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

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Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite Mini Fridge: "I'm Thirsty." "I Know."

Fridge I'M,Mini Fridge,Word Freezing,Improve Room,Roland'S Board,Carbonite Mini,Han Solo Fridge,Sw Ftw,Talk Nerdie

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