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Common Core standard: CC.2.MD.7 This clock is a great way for students to learn how to tell time. They can color in each hand to identify the hour hand from the minute hand. Print this out on cardstock and put it together to allow students to have their own hands on clock to use in class or at home.

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Awesome clock I have my students help me make while teaching time. So much fun and a great visual!

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Clock Hourglass Time: Le Ore 729 Hand-carved Grandfather #Clock in Walnut.

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Native American hand clock. wood wall clock, wood clock, wall clock wood, clock, wall clock, large wall clock, hand clock wall art

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I find that many kids have the misconception that the hour is whatever the short hand is closest to. This works in the beginning when they're learning how to tell time to the nearest hour. As telling time increases in difficulty, they have to relearn how to find the hour.This visual helps by showing kids that the hour actually has a space/area.

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Structure White Jr. Alarm Clock by Cloudnola | From

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Free Clock Task from Inspired by Evan Autism Resources. Visit my store, become a follower, and get the PDF file for FREE!

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Telling Time Preschool Worksheets

Work on telling time with these hands on telling time sheets! Perfect for preschoolers and toddlers!

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