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Between Art and Fashion: Carla Sozzani Shows Her Private Photo Collection at the Alaïa Gallery in Paris

Carla Sozzani shows her private photo collection at the Alaïa gallery in Paris.


Her hands were waving all in the dark hoping for someone to come and shake her from this nightmare. Her head bobbed back and forth and her eyes shot open. Everything came in to focus and Kylo was right in front of her. He looked worried. "Are you alright?" He asked. "I-I don't know." She stammered, still shaking from the images she saw. Not long after, she broke into tears.

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An entry from note to self

A man gives a woman a helping hand as she takes a flying leap over a large puddle on the pavement, 1960.


Image of cloud in Portugal that looks like hand of God goes viral Turbulent circular movement of wind in the low- to mid-levels of the atmosphere created the unusual cloud A giant fireball about to hit Madeira in Portugal was captured by Meteo Madeira, a weather bureau in Portugal. It was sighted on the northern coast of the Portuguese island at sunrise, which is where Real Madrid footballer Cristiano Ronaldo was born


Cecelia clibmed the stairway, approaching the door with carefully hesitance. This had been her home once. This place of vile intent, this festoon of darkness, it was her love once. The doorway was rotting and rusted as she placed her hand against it, and it was cold to the touch. She drug her hand, pale in the moonlight, across the carvings of an oak tree intwing a crow within its branches. The image was her family crest, before the split, before the curse.


Prompt: Old cemeteries were bounded by iron for a reason, but in this case it appeared that the metal hadn’t been pure enough and now we had some escaped ghuls on our hands. Image Source: micadew via...

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Photo (Fashion Gone rouge)



"She knew that the looking-glass never spoke falsely."/"But mirrors have an uncanny way of telling the truth.”