Hannah Aitchison rabbit pinup tat on carrot

Playboy Bunnies are so 70 years ago; sultry Inked Bunnies are modern-day hotness

Hannah Aichison, wow takes some real patience and talent to do hat

Female tattoo artist, Hannah Aitchison - well known for her part on LA Ink with Kat Von D. Talented and ambitious Hannah comes from a family of talented artists.

LA Ink Hannah Aitchison Tattoos Collection-3

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How to Become a Tattoo Artist on

Tattoo artists, Kim Saigh and Hannah Aitchison. I want either one of these ladies to do my next tattoo.

A fine look journalist! By Hannah Aitchison

Pin-up journalist By Hannah Aitchinson.

Hannah Aitchison- Los Angeles, CA -

Hannah Aitchison tattoos and pictures. The webs' original & biggest list of celebs and tattooed historical figures, supermodels, sports and rock stars all with tattoos, lots of pictures!

Hannah Aitchison - Chicago, IL (currently one piece by her)

Hannah Atchison is the woman I think of anytime I let society get me down for having heavily tattooed arms or sleeves; and then I feel better.