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Aloha. Black Warmblood stallion standing at Gray Fox Farm. Always wanted a black horse


Hohenzollern Castle,Germany (origin of the mightiest Royal Family apart from the Hanoverians and the Wittelsbacher Germany) The Hohenzollern: German Emperors,Prussian Kings,Margraves of Brandenburg and Nuremberg (once upon a time, of course).


Culloden 1746: The Highland Clans' Last Charge Culloden marked the end of the last and greatest of the Jacobite adventures - the '45 Rebellion - in which the Highland clans challenged the power of the Hanoverian King of England. It was at Culloden that Charles Edward Stuart's army was finally defeated. His tired Highlanders had little chance against the steady infantry and heavy artillery fire of the English.

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Can you match the horse breed to the picture?

Hanoverian horse is a warmblood horse breed from Germany and most often seen in the Olympic Games.


It is the tradition for most royal families. Family orders are a personal gift of a Sovereign and are given to female members of the immediate family. In Great Britain, this custom was introduced by King George I, the first of the Hanoverian monarchs. Until the end of Queen Victoria’s reign the Order consisted of a cameo miniature set in diamonds. Edward VII introduced its present form of a portrait which was painted on ovory.


Empress Victoria of Germany, Queen of Prussia


Leopold I, King of the Belgians. He was born as Prince of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld and he was the founder of the Belgian line of the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. His children included Leopold II of Belgium and Empress Carlota of Mexico. He was born in Coburg and died in Laeken. He swore allegiance to the constitution in front of the Saint Jacob's Church at Coudenbergh Place in Brussels on 21 July 1831. This day became the Belgian national holiday.


1st Child of Prince Albert (1819-1861) & Queen Victoria (1819-1901) & wife of Frederick III German Emperor and King of Prussia (1831–1888) by Heinrich von Angeli in 1876. Princess Victoria, Princess Royal (Victoria Adelaide Mary Louise) (1840-1901).


Painted by Godfrey Kneller 1714. George I reigned from 1714-1727. He married his cousin, Sophia Dorothea. Their marriage was later dissolved.