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Oh yes I have dimple :). It vanishes and appears at random. Today it’s there, tomorrow it’s not. It symbolizes my life. I’m not even trying to be deep. but smile sometimes =)

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Happy and you know it Art Print

♫♪♫ ♥.....La música es el corazón de la vida. Por ella habla el amor; sin ella no hay bien posible y con ella todo es hermoso. Franz Liszt

When readying these literary pieces make sure to look out for hidden symbolism. For those more literal students they may be tricky to find

Simile(Fig.Lang.): "I felt my heart lifting, my heart as light as a feather"(pg.214) Alvarez used a simile to show how emotional Patria felt when her son wasn't on the list of pardoned prisoners. By comparing her heart to a feather Alvarez let the reader know just how relieved she felt.