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living out love languages in your home life.


Once in a While, Your Husband Needs a Girlfriend

Once in a while, your husband needs you to be his girlfriend! Here are simple ways to have fun together while giving him a little bit of the "girlfriend treatment." Marriage tips | Married life | Marriage advice | Happy marriage


Can Post-Sex Cuddling Improve Your Relationship?

Quotes On Love and Respect Marriage Every couple wishes to be happy in their relationship. Sadly not everybody is and the focus on why they are not pleased is placed on the wrong areas thus producing more distress. Here are 9 ideas from delighted and successful couples from all over the world. These simple relationship suggestions enable any couple to enhance their joy easily and successfully starting tonight. The long term joy and fulfillment you feel in your relationship starts with you…


Marriage is a thousand little things

Marriage Quotes for a lifetime of love and happiness. I value my marriage and we work hard every day to make choices to remain married and to draw closer together. I protect my marriage and my family.