Happy Days. Was really great in the beginning about a 50s family and teens going to Arnolds and freaking out at Cool Fonzie and his women. It carried on for years and maybe too long after Richie left the show. But...However, We had Joanie and Chachie.

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Happy Days ~ Following the success of American Graffiti a '50s craze was born and Happy Days was our weekly dose of nostalgia. My high school had "Fifties Week" and sock hops and all kinds of '50s themed events. Little kids took to sticking their thumbs up and growling, "'eeeeyy!" like the Fonze and older kids tricked out their cars and cruised hometown streets. Songs like "Chantilly Lace" made a comeback and Wolfman Jack's career was resurrected. Looking back, a good time was had by all.

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fun twist on this- pour a big bowl of M, write a list of questions for people to answer about themselves. The color they draw has to be the question they answer. Good "get to know you."

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Sister Act 2 (Finale) Lauryn Hill - Joyful Joyful With Lyrics (Ft. Whoopi Goldberg) - YouTube

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Happy Days Diner - This old diner is located in Pigeon Forge! Great atmosphere and delicious American food!

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