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Agreed. I think that when people are genuinely happy it oozes from their spirit like a light that shines for others to learn from and enjoy. A happy person does not point out others misery...Misery is not a destination for any soul. Looking down on others is not a sign of a genuinely happy person. A genuinely happy person would have more compassion for others. Just a thought...I'm a work in progress.

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Cognitive behavioral therapy is as effective as maintenance antidepressant medication for the prevention of depression relapse

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I loved seeing this quote today ! Nothing is nicer than someone telling you they are happier than they have ever been!

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The happiest people I know are always evaluating and improving themselves. The unhappy people are usually evaluating and judging others.

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Choose happiness. 15 things happy people do every day >> #behappy #happiness #

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12 THINGS HAPPY PEOPLE DO DIFFERENTLY 1-Express Gratitude 2-Cultivate Optimism 3-Avoid Over-Thinking & Social Comparison 4-Practice Acts of Kindness 5-Nurture Social Relationships 6-Develop Strategies for Coping 7-Learn to Forgive 8-Increase Flow Experiences 9-Savor Life’s Joys 10-Commit to Your Goals 11-Practice Spirituality 12-Take Care of Your Body -Stephen Covey

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