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Don't forget to stand up for the people and things you really LOVE and believe in! Don't let others run all over you, or try to change your mind! Its the small things in life and special moments that really mean the most! Don't let this world turn you into a zombie! Its okay to be just you! STAND-Sly and the family stone!


They Brought Their Dog Home From The Shelter And This Was His Amazing Reaction


Hi baby! I am missing you back just the same. So so very much. My heart is looking for yours too. It's perfect match. Today was so wonderful. It isn't exactly the way we would want, but it was so nice to have a large chunk of time to just be with you. I am so happy for the time we do get and I am so thankful for you and that you still choose to have me in your life. Thank you my love. I'm sending you all my love and anxiously awaiting until it is tomorrow. Xoxo