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Really? On average, men rank humor, intelligence, and niceness ahead of physical appearance.

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My husband picked up his life to be near me because he knew I couldn't move with my custody arrangement. If that's not making it clear that I was who he wanted, I'm not sure what is.

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This is Dan Howell's cousin Spoot. He was trapped inside these three spoons. Repin to spread awareness. #freespoot

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Tom Hardy

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Tom Hardy - New York Magazine January 9, 2017, issue

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"Five times, motherfucker, five times."

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Don the Con Trump. And y3s Donnie will find a way to be more childish, immature and an embarrassment to the United States of America.

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That's it, what a weird season, Broncos go out swinging! Kubiak retires.... Wow Broncos over the Raiders 24-6, 2016. 9wins, 7 losses.

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