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Fall Garden Mums. Will They Come Back Next Spring?

They're sold as "Hardy" mums, but they rarely live through the winter? Here's how to care for your mums, so they can be truly hardy, perennial plants.

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How to Care for Fall Mum Plants in Containers

Pots overspilling with brightly colored mums (Chrysanthemum spp.) provide fall color indoors or out. Mums come in a huge range of colors and flower forms, which makes them simple to integrate into ...


Rows of "Mammoth Daisy" Chrysanthemums - contemplating a 2-tone border for property front.


Mammoth Mum Collection - Spring Hill's Hardy Mammoth Mum, a truly perennial mum that can withstand temperatures as cold as -30°F and comes back bigger and better each year! Butterflies love their perfect cushion shape and hundreds of beautiful, brightly colored flowers. Plant them in full sun to partial shade, either individually or as a hedge. They're hardy in warm climates (zone 9) or cold (zone 3), and are so easy to take care of - no pinching, pruning or deadheading required!