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Harrogate Spa Water

[ Harrogate Spring] 英國最古老的泉水,自1571年 It dates back to the 16th century when the first springs were found to be therapeutic.[1] Harrogate Spa Water is used locally, nationally and internationally, being exported to as far away as Australia. Many of the UK's largest companies supply this water to their customers and colleagues. For example, coffee chain Cafe Nero's own brand bottled spring water is sourced from Harrogate.

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Harrogate Spa. For centuries visitors to Harrogate have drank #sulphur water from its famous spa to cure #ailments ranging from gout to back pain. Visitors nowadays however, are only permitted to smell the water, which carries a pungent whiff of rotten eggs!


Bettys Cafe Tea Rooms in Harrogate. It is a spa town in North Yorkshire, England. The town is a tourist destination and its visitor attractions include its spa waters.