I HATE Ginny, but dammit this post... If Harry has to be married to her, then this is how I hope they are together.. ♥

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I've heard people say that they don't like Harry and Ginny together. I think that is stupid. They want Harry with Hermione and its like..no

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And after he died the head cannon that he became a Hogwarts ghost, well he would be able to see what Ginny was doing. I think he would be so proud.

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i really dont have anything against luna, nevile or ginny on contrary, but i really dont like these pics in last time with luna ginny and nevile called the silver trio. no matter how great or big is their friendship for me will always be just the golden trio even i'll still remember friendship of nevile luna and ginny, its just that this looks like we are crowning them-golden trio, silver.i understand that all friendships are great on their own way and different but please golden trio is…

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Voldemort's nose Potter. They say this but if ginny named the kids, one of them would be called pigwigdion. However u spell it.

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I love/ship Rose and Scorpius. It is like crack to Dramione fans because it has the "bad boy" and "forbidden" elements and as well has the plausibility of being canon!!

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