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35 Reasons Why the Cast of 'Harry Potter' is the Best

BAHAHA. Filming the kiss between Ron and Hermione. Lol I like how Hermione is telling Harry you can't be there when I kiss Ron! He's just like like well everyone saw me kiss Ginny! lol ^Funny but Harry IS SUPPOSED TO BE THERE! IT'S IN THE BOOK!

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The 11 Most Romantic Moments in the Harry Potter Series

Yes, Harry Potter is full of magic and mayhem and the eternal struggle of good vs. evil and all that jazz, but J.K. Rowling understood what her hormonally-charged young readers really wanted to read about. Snogging. And lots of it.  Harry Potter brou

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Funny Pictures Fixes Everything – 32 Pics

Unconditional love - no matter your path in life, a dog will always follow and be by your side. So true. Click here to download World War I medic with his dog. Click here to download Funny Click here to download

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11 Missing Lines That Should Have Been In The "Harry Potter" Movies

11 Missing Lines That Should Have Been In The "Harry Potter" Movies except damn pictured that kiss way steamier in the movie it was like they were brother and sister ugh -.-

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Which Harry Potter Character Should You Actually Marry?

Harry and Ginny. Another Pinner said that Ginny is a rude, annoying character who can't stick to one man and I just want to make it clear that I think she's beautiful, outgoing, kind, and strong-willed. She fights for what she wants and defends it, risks herself for others, and deserves Harry Potter more than anyone else.

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Harry Potter Characters Are Reimagined in AMAZING Fan Art

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Pieces by Polly: Free Harry Potter Themed Printable - Dementor's Kiss-Away - Valentine or Party Favors

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