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So I had to do this one project at school and It was guess who and I decided to be harry. So anyway, I failed. Literally failed. Like I went ALL out. I drew on every single one of his tattoos and I dressed EXACTLY like him.I went all out aaaaaaand I failed.We had to memorize an entire speech about them so that our classmates could guess who we were and I went up and forgot everything.Literally everything. I asked to start over and I skipped like half of the speech.It was horrible. Sorry…

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Oh look at that its my life in a gif.<< my question is how is that girl sitting next to him and like not dying

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HE HAS BOOBS IN FRONT OF HIM AND HE CLOSE HIS EYES I'M LAUGHING HE'S SO GAY>>> or maybe just a gentleman? Jesus people leave the poor boy alone》》also proves that being immodest won't get you anywhere with the boys which makes me happy :) and love them even more -Jamie

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This is my boyfriend harry. My name is Emma and I am 20 years old harry and I are 2 years apart. We are not engaged yet but I do have a promise ring. He loves me a lot and I love him with all my heart. Hopin' for some little Harry and Emma's soon!!

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when you haven't been on Pinterest in ages and you finally come back and are flooded with tons and tons of amazing 1D stuff what a time to be alive

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