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HBO Game of Thrones - Seven Kingdoms Weather App on App Design Served

HBO Game of Thrones - Seven Kingdoms Weather App on App Design Served

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Hbo Go android tv concept

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Amazon Fire TV update gives you much wider voice search

Amazon’s Fire TV devices just became much more useful if you prefer to talk to your media hub. An update rolling out to the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick gives you dramatically improved search: you can...


Want to watch Westworld and the latest Game of Thrones on Amazon? Now you can Read more Technology News Here --> Amazon Prime Video is the premiere service to subscribe to if you want to watch any pre-2010 HBO show one of the services key selling points is that it has everything from True Blood to The Sopranos The Wire to Rome. But if you want something a bit more recent like Game of Thrones or Westworld youd have been out of luck before today. The big…

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Daydream version of the HBO Go app lets you watch on a virtual big screen

••AppleTV gen4 & tvOS out 2015-10 but should TV buy Time Warner?•• 2016-11-14 TidBits thinks yes for 4 reasons: counter AT&T $85B bid + Netflix / Hulu / Amazon Prime boycott of TV app + TW owns HBO! + CW + “Arrow” + “The Flash" + Game of Thrones + Harry Potter on Netflix + CNN + CNW + TNT + 10% Hulu • 1. Content = currency + negotiating chip w/ content providers 2.Buying Netflix is dangerous (studios fear its ctrl) 3.time to spend Apple's $238B cash 4.TW runs independently (alienate…