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I need to start a board called scumbags. He's definitely scummy. Super scummy. Mega scum.

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He's no superhero, but he's definitely my hero - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

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this is funny on so many different levels

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Mark is back there like I'm not sure how to feel about this...

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Okay everyone, my new Patronus is President Obama...actually, no wait, Jon Stewart. My patronus is Jon Stewart.

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This is literally the sweetest thing I have ever read ! She seems like a nice person and is very beautiful so Michael is definitely one lucky guu❤

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This makes me so happy. Harry had a crap childhood. He's definitely make sure another child would never go through anything like it

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He supports the Russian government over the US Intelligence agenvirs, all of them. That is the definition of traitor.

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Beautiful baby even congratulated Newt and wished him genuine luck on his "bakery" BLESS HIM

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He's done it again guys. Rick is gonna ruin our lives again. How can we have overlooked this?

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