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He's mine....Houman tells me non stop that he is mine and I am his & That he has never loved anyone as much as he loves me. He is mine ladies!!! I know,I know, my man is amazing....he is all mine and I am all his.


You may have had him once but he's mine now! And you lost him 1/4 century ago. So get lost already. Cling on


Was I still...the best to you? You said before if it's worth anything it was great to be with me like that again. I was a little nervous. Obviously. And I was a little tentative with my kiss because I wanted to be sure that you wanted kiss you. I know you said it was different but not in a bad way? How was it different? And together like that...we...are the best...still.

from Unveiled Wife

I Am His And He Is Mine

I Am His And He Is Mine --- I called him a distraction from the enemy. I called him a selfish desire, the lust of the flesh. I had to. How else would I forget him? Hed laugh at my feelings; dismiss me if he knew. [...]… Read More Here #marriage #love