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ph of bottled water brands... Alkaline water: Legit health food or high priced hoax?

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Folk Organics: if you’re looking for a clean, no frills design - Folk Organics is for you! The flexible format coupled with a loyalty card reverse, makes it ideal for health food shops, spas or anyone looking for something pure and simple with that extra incentive. #moocards #businesscard

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30 Inexpensive Health Foods

You don't have to break the bank to #eat #healthy! It actually costs much more to eat processed #foods – not only in dollars but in sense!

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A list of some food brands you can trust. Big Food brands like General Mills, Kellog, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, M&M, etc. are buying up small organic brands who don't have our health in their best interest. For example, General Mills now owns Cascadian Farms, Muir Glen & LaraBar. Kellog owns Morning Star, Kashi & Bear Naked. Pepsi owns Naked Juice. The best way to go is to grow your own, or shop local! Try your farmer's market, hit up a local CSA or Co op.

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You don't have to spend a ton of money or shop at health food stores to get quality, real food. Find out real foodies can buy at Costco and Aldi, two of my favorite stores!

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Weight Loss: Look Great... Feel Great! Also Check - FREE FOR ALL Weight-loss Program: #Weightloss, #Weightloss for woman

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