77 million U.S. adults have difficulty with common health tasks such as reading instructions on a prescription drug label #infogrpahics #healthcare #literacy

Health Information for the 90%. Only 10% of adults in the US have the knowledge and skills to understand their health. So what about the other 90%?

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This could easily be a chart for a classroom- helping to identify the different levels and needs. I chose this pin because I think it could help teachers keep a clear mind with how they should aid students. Characteristic #11 Beane, J. A. (n.d.). The Role of the Self-Concept in Self-Esteem Enhancement. Enhancing Self-Esteem in the Classroom Enhancing Self-esteem in the Classroom, 19-30. doi:10.4135/9781446213513.n2

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The AHRQ sponsors research that focuses, among other issues, on identifying disparities in health care quality and outcomes that might result from variations in how health care is provided to people of different racial and ethnic backgrounds.

This wall would serve as a positive daily affirmation of what my students are and what they are capable of. This would support mental health literacy as it would work to create a comfortable classroom environment that is motivating and positive.

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