Life without my lovely daughter Chevon 09/15/1989 - 04/11/2001. Life without my beautiful Desi girl 02/23/1981 - 04/11/2001.

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I am homesick for a place I am not sure even exists. One where my heart is full. My body loved. And my soul understood.

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I already know I will always miss you, my sweet son. Honestly, how could I not miss you?

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I miss you so much. ...i regret so much.... I will live and die knowing my wrongs and rights by you...we had our good our bad and our worst. You were the most loyal person I'd ever met. My love for you will never heart aches everytime I realize you are gone.... I cry every time I think of bullshit...

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It's something that is made up in your mind that others can't see... So why expect things if people can't see it??

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my heart aches for what will never be... the future we once envisioned for you and I - it will never happen, and it is letting go of this possible future that hurts as much as letting go of you.

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