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How to use shrink wrap for wrapping gift baskets. Don't know how to shrink wrap gift baskets? Let me show you with easy-to-follow instructions. A creative gift wrapping idea for baskets.


Gorgeous....Another shrink plastic jewelry idea. Color the fresh plastic. Bake as instructed. Roll up on dowel while hot. Cool. Paint edges. String!


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“Shrink-wrap services” we mean total encapsulation of a structure undergoing renovation. We do this by wrapping the structure with a heavy-duty plastic film, then heat-shrinking the film to form a tight skin over the structure. This film forms a strong barrier between the interior of the structure and its outside environment.

Part 5 - Making simple Tyvek and iridescent tissue beads by wrapping around a wooden kebab stick and shrinking with a heat gun. Click on image to go to youtube.


Durapak offers polyolefin shrink film 50 to 100 gauge, heat shrink film, POF shrink wrap as well as cross link shrink film, irradiated central fold wrap and other packing materials.