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Reclaimed Heat Treated European Hardwood Pallet Boards, Seen here are 20 boards for $20 + Shipping/tax. You can get all your pallet supply needs here as we sell many different pallet board sizes, colors, etc.


Coffee table handmade with painted wooden pallet and raw wood treated

The beauty and warmth of the raw wood pallet. Watching television in the bedroom, or to embellish a corner with no personality. This coffee table is made entirely by hand with white painted wood pallet and raw wood treated. Each piece has a unique imprint, for this any imperfections or signs of the wood are not considered as defects of realization but synonymous with recycling and originality. The wood has a imperfect soul, it opens to heat and aging before time, becoming most attractive…


Low Cost & No Cost Garden Trellis Ideas

Low Cost & No Cost Trellis Ideas | The 104 Homestead - Trellis your vining vegetables using little to no money.


Pallet Dog Bed

Grab a heat treated pallet nothing treated with chemicalsSand down to bare wood and just paintcreate your own molding(boarder)[media_id:3295885]And f course�


Pretty Front Porch: DIY Large Cedar Planter Boxes

DIY: Planter Boxes - To reduce the cost of this project, you may entertain the idea of using reclaimed wood from wood pallets. When using wood pallets for projects, look for a ” HT ” stamped upon the pallet…. it means it is heat treated NOT chemically treated.


Recycled pallet planter box (check that pallets are labelled "HT" heat treated NOT "MB" for chemicals and not old. Otherwise you'll run the risk of exposure to harmful chemicals, fungi and listeria!)